Web App Development

A successful business requires a great deal of planning and nurture. A good customisable web application allows your business to grow and take root at a firm and fast pace by allowing you to have a healthy relationship with your clients as well as by tailoring operations as per their need. However, it is evident that every successful venture is replete with its own needs and challenges. Accord is your one stop solution for all your web application development needs; we are experienced and ready to cater to your every requirement and more.

Web application development is capable of a great many advantages, namely its ability to permeate mobile experiences with web apps that also work in mobile phone browsers. Being economic and sustainable is essential to a business, thus developing web app creation is quite a necessity. With just a simple code base, one can utilize phones, web, tablets etc to offer your product. It also enables content heavy apps like camera or GPS to operate without complex phone hardware.

Technology is dynamic and diverse, hence every project is required to step up and compete with all their challenges. Accord makes it a point to think outside the box and utilise the best of technology offered to us. By consistent communication with our clients and innovative thinking, our web application development services strives to provide the clarity, confidence and the perfect assistance for your project.

Delivering flawless web applications is our forte, so if you choose to work with us, you can be certain that you’ve left your product in good hands. Our web application development team assists you in customising your web app with the entirety of our Full Stack experience and with the multitude of services we provide which includes business analysis, UI/UX design, both front-end and back-end development, QA testing, maintenance and support etc. Let us help you bring your ideas to fruition with our technically advanced applications that are user friendly and cost effective.


Our services are characterized by

Accord is equipped with a strong team of backend and frontend developers eager to satisfy your requirements.
Our interfaces are created with respect to the best RWD practices , ensuring responsiveness and clarity.
Our Applications are created with respect to the monolithic architecture or microservices available.
Accord's DevOps engineers ensure a secure and flexible server infrastructure.
Our experienced QA specialists ensures superior quality of application through consistent manual and automated tests.
The sustainable and reliable nature of our teams allows us to achieve utmost customer satisfaction and a partnership that lasts for years.
Our teams are experienced and knowledgeable about the field in the utmost. Hence, every detail is given great importance to give you a full proof application.
Accord gives you the ability to look close into our formulation process and enable you to actively interact in the creation.

Front End Development


Frontend development is an essential part of your application. It has all to do with what the end users see and interact with. Thus, it creates diverse user experiences. The duties of a frontend developer include designing, coding and debugging with the prime objective of providing a smooth and simple method of usage for the users.

Sustainable and scalable solutions for the perfect user experience

A well-structured website with all its features and attractions play a great role in attracting clients to your business. Thus, a well-developed frontend will help give you an edge over all others as well as help you to provide greater credibility to your clients. If satisfaction is what you require, Accord is the right fit for you; let us help you fulfil all your frontend development needs. Through much experience in the field, Accord has delivered innovative and attractive solutions to well renowned companies. Your partnership with Accord will surely boost your customer- company relationship and allow you to carve a strong niche in the field, one which is fast and reliable.

Front End Tech:
  •   HTML5
  •   Angularjs and Angular
  •   React.js
  •   Vue.js
  •   Preact
  •   ASP.NET
  •   JavaScript
  •   CSS3
  •   Bootstrap
  •   Responsive Library
  •   jQuery

Back End Development


Backend is the driving force behind the Frontend. Hence it is an extremely important part of web application development. It is akin to a brain, i.e. it is the primary control centre which decides the workings of an app in a server (on premise and in the cloud). It consistently processes information and makes necessary decisions to send and receive outputs through the Frontend of the web page while maintaining a seamless method of action.

Robust & reliable backend solutions

Typically, the various tasks of backend development includes the intricate process of formulating, optimizing and utilizing server- side codes. A well-structured backend formulation requires an expert team of developers with a great deal of experience and knowledge of building complex libraries of code, the vast amount of functional protocols and developing intricate components that aids in improving your application performance. Accord will help you provide a stable and well-designed backend structure that delivers you with solutions for all your backend needs. Give us your trust and we will assist you with the best, from customisation to cloud integration, Accord will guide you to success.

Back End Tech:
  •   Node.js
  •   Microsoft.Net
  •   Java, Spring boot
  •   PHP
  •   Python
  •   Ruby On Rails

Hybrid App Development