Mobile and Web Applications

Mobile and Web Applications

With a smartphone in hand, one can travel and explore the entire world; It is truly the age of the smartphone. Accord has dedicated teams that specialize in design and development of user friendly and secure mobile and web based applications. Accord’s Cloud Integration and Mobile Application Specialists can help design and develop the right application to suit a customer’s needs.


With world class expertise in the field of Mobile Applications, Accord strives to make your vision its mission.

Regardless of the size of the business, Accord tailors your App experiences as per your needs. Despite limitations in a mobile device, Accord aims to create transformative mobile experiences that surmount boundaries and ensure the goals are met.

Accord's mobile applications are universal in nature, we can serve large enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurs etc.

Accord gives you the guarantee of providing well-structured, creative, user friendly and cost effective mobile solutions. Utmost quality is assured with Accord's in-depth knowledge of native iOS, Android and Web application development. Your needs will never be met with better.

Mobile App Development

The Business world is diverse, and so are a Company’s needs. A well designed app which caters to these needs will provide the necessary impetus to your business. A good mobile app should be easy to use, lightweight and cost effective. Accord helps create such innovative mobile apps which allows your projects take a giant leap and beat the competition.

From the genesis of ideas to its execution, Accord is driven to ensure 100% Customer Satisfaction. With a collaborative mindset, Accord strives to create universal and unique mobile apps which have the ability to stay relevant with the progressions in Digital Technology. With Accord's skillset, your mobile app is sure to provide a competitive edge.


Accord's app development skill set is both wide and deep, with the expertise to help you make smart tech decisions in creating apps that fit your requirements, business and budget.

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Responsive Web App Development
  • Web/Cloud backend Development
  • Full Stack Development


With the percentage of iOS Users on the rise, Accord has the necessary skills to cater to the design and development of Apps for the iOS domain.

Accord has successfully created several useful applications for Customers on the iOS Platform. Accord specialises in all things iOS, from API integrations to networking solutions to create cutting edge applications on iOS.

Our highly skilled iOS App Development teams make use of the latest designs methods to create smart iOS Solutions. Features such as Geo Tracking, iBeacons, Bluetooth etc are integrated within the mobile apps to provide the best solutions to Customers.


A vast majority of the present day mobile community are on the Android platform. Accord has an excellent pool do engineers skilled in developing smart Android Solutions. Accord’s engineers have a solid understanding of the Android framework and can create applications that are efficient, easy use and maintainable.

Regardless of the scale and complexity, Accord’s teams utilize the plethora of Application tools available to create the perfect Android App. Accord’s teams harness the maximum potential of Android SDK and enable apps to consistently work across multiple OS versions.

Our Android development services include:

  • Android development for phones, tablets, wearable and IoT devices
  • Existing mobile app upgrades and optimization
  • Android and cross-platform enterprise mobile application development
  • Android Widget development
  • Server-side APIs
  • Mobile quality assurance, testing and test automation
  • Market deployment and maintenance

Accord can actively help you create the perfect android app; one which is easy to use, secure and with the ability to work across the myriad of Android devices and OS versions.

Web App Development

If your business relies on a Web Application, it is extremely critical that the application is well created, intuitive, secure and reliable. Accord has been in Web Applications business for over two decades and uses the latest in the Web Technology to create applications that are best suited to enhance your business.

Accord’s engineers think outside the box and utilise the best of technology to come up with amazing designs and user experiences.

Delivering flawless web applications is Accord’s forte. Accord’s web application development team can assist you in improvising your existing web application. Accord’s engineers have Full Stack experience and can help in creating applications in a variety of areas.


Accord has good experience in the following areas:

Front End Development

Sustainable and scalable solutions for the perfect user experience

Most often than not, a web app is judged by it’s Front End User Experience. Accord has qualified and skilled front end developers who can provide an eye-catching look and feel to a web application. The latest in web UI development is available at Accord. Accord’s goals are to create a user interface that is error free and uses the Computer’s hardware resources efficiently. Accord’s engineers are adept in validations on the front-end, designing forms and data presentation.

Accord has developed several data dashboard applications that help in crunching big data and allowing the users see the reports they want in a jiffy.

Accord’s trendy User Interfaces are used in several applications like Fleet Management Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Enterprise Solutions, Corporate websites and intranets.

Thus, a well-developed frontend will help give you a competitive edge. Contact Accord for fast, secure, reliable and trendy Web Application Development.

Back End Development

A robust backend is the muscle of a Web Application. Accord has a skilled workforce to develop web applications that can cater to a variety of areas. Accord engineers are skilled in using RDBMS and Big Data Analysis using development platforms like .NET, Java, J2EE, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.

Robust & reliable backend solutions

Typically, the various tasks of backend development includes the intricate process of designing, optimizing and utilizing server-side resources. A well-structured backend formulation requires an expert team of developers with a skills in developing code, understanding the functional protocols and optimizing Application Performance. Accord has what it takes to help you provide a stable and well-designed backend structure that delivers cost effective solutions.