Mobile App Development


With a smartphone in hand, one can travel and explore the entire world with a simple tap; It is truly the age of the smartphone. Rather than lugging around a heavy laptop or sitting stationary in front of a desktop, one can fulfil the same needs with the ease and convenience of a smartphone. The usage and creation of mobile apps are hence on the rise. It would thus be extremely profitable and logical to invest in the same.


With world class expertise in the field of mobile applications, our company talents strive to make your vision our mission.

Regardless of the size of each business, Accord tailors your experiences as per your needs. Despite mobile limitations, we aim to create transformative mobile experiences which enables surmounting boundaries and problem solving. Our mobile applications are universal in nature, i.e. large enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurs etc can easily make use of them.

Accord gives you the guarantee of providing a well-structured, creative, user friendly and engaging mobile solutions. Utmost quality is assured with our in-depth knowledge of native iOS, Android and Web application development. Your needs will never be met with better.

The world is diverse, and so are it's needs. A well designed app which caters to these needs will eventually be extremely rewarding. It should be able to be engaging to customers, useful and easy to use. Accord helps create such innovative mobile apps which allows your projects to take a giant leap in the current market competition.

From the genesis of ideas to its execution, we at Accord are driven to give you satisfaction. With a collaborative mindset, we strive to create universal and unique mobile apps which have the ability to stay relevant regardless of the size and state of your business's future. With our skillset, your mobile app is sure to have an edge over all others in the industry.


Areas of Expertise

Our app development skill set is both wide and deep, with the expertise to help you make smart tech decisions creating an app that fits your situation, your business, and your budget

  •   iOS App Development
  •   Android App Development
  •   Hybrid App Development
  •   Responsive Web App Development
  •   Web/Cloud backend Development
  •   Full Stack Development

iOS App Development

It is a well-known fact that Apple is the prime provider of satisfactory user experience and diligent design. Thus, the use of iOS as a platform for the emerging mobile products comes as no surprise. It is hence, full of early adopters of the same.

For nearly 30 years, Accord has successfully created multiple useful applications for all apple devices, which in turn enabled many leading brands to turn to smartphone applications. Accord specialises in all things iOS, from API integrations to networking solutions to satiate the demands of Apple lovers.

Our impactful and resourceful app development team makes use of cutting edge designs to address and solve the problems of today, rendering our iOS apps beautiful and sophisticated. They also merge the latest tools such as geo tracking, iBeacons, Bluetooth etc with the mobile app to provide the best of both worlds to its users.

Accord enables you to have a greater leverage against competitors with our vast resources and know-how, allowing you to create a stylish, engaging and refined product. Our works have so far proven to be well designed, innovative and consistent, regardless of complexity and other issues. Overall, Accord gives you the opportunity to hash out your ideas and refine your creations before launching and expanding them to other platforms.

Our iOS App development services include:
  •   iOS development for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and IoT devices
  •   Existing mobile app upgrades and optimization
  •   iOS enterprise mobile application development
  •   Migration of Desktop application and adaptation for iOS-enabled mobile devices
  •   Server-side APIs
  •   Mobile quality assurance, testing and test automation
  •   Market deployment and maintenance

A good iOS development team can make or break your edge in the competitive world. Allow Accord to be a part of your team and stride forward to your success.

Android App Development

In the age of machines where technology is plenty, Android has reigned as the most popular medium when it comes to smartphones. It is essential as a business tool due to its user friendly interface and its flexible nature which enables it to bond with services like Google and is also widely available on a great number of devices used today, making it extremely accessible.

The creation of a well-designed and multi-faceted Android solution is no mere task. It takes a good amount of technical know-how and resources to provide customized Android development services to the client. These skills include those which go beyond that of the average developer, hence it is crucial to find the right fit for your Android app development needs.

We at Accord take pride in our extensive resources and expert manpower who are more than qualified and driven to make your vision a true reality. We strive to materialise your ideas into a multi-faceted Android solution with innovative and interactive features. Regardless of the scale and complexity, our team utilizes the diverse application tools available to them to make your project a success. Our teams unify industry standards with agile processes to form the best method of action to establish a clear cut methodology and practice. We aim to harness the maximum potential of Android SDK and enable the app to consistently work across multiple devices along with catering to make the perfect app for you. We work to give you a product that is universal and unique.

Even with our limited time in the industry, Accord is an expert in the field of software development. It is our motto to be client centric and innovative, rest assured, we guarantee an exclusive app catered to all your special needs & tastes and true to the core, to your brand's vision and values.

Our Android development services include:
  •   Android development for phones, tablets, wearable and IoT devices
  •   Existing mobile app upgrades and optimization
  •   Android and cross-platform enterprise mobile application development
  •   Android Widget development
  •   Server-side APIs
  •   Mobile quality assurance, testing and test automation
  •   Market deployment and maintenance

Accord actively helps you create the perfect android app for you; one which is smooth, easy, secure with the ability to work across the myriad of Android devices and OS versions.

Hybrid App Development

Web App Development