Embedded System Services

Over the years Accord has developed a great expertise with regard to building firmware and creating masterful embedded software designs. Some of the major embedded services we provide span from industrial and home automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth, device drivers, navigation, telematics, security solutions, tracking and security solutions to RTOS porting. We are proud in our ability to tailor each of these services for optimum results in your venture.

Additionally, we maintain a constant process of testing and monitoring, whether it be conducting studies on practicality of product development, the engineering process of the embedded software system, it's customizable features, etc. Our team also pays close attention to the workings of the product, it's sophistication and scope for improvement and its ability to port to vast array of platforms, devices and services.

Accord is your one stop solution for each of your needs and more. Allow our team to assist and guide throughout the production process to ensure a smooth sailing and guaranteed success.

Mobile App Development

Embedded Linux

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Embedded Android

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Embedded System Security