Embedded Linux Development

Over the years Accord has grown to provide the best assistance in the creation of embedded software systems suited to your needs and aspirations.

We have experience on Embedded Linux Operating System Customization for any custom platform or hardware board, and Embedded Linux Application development. Which includes Linux Kernel BSP/Driver customization for custom boards. Our engineers are experienced on Standalone Linux, SDK Linux, Embedded C, Build Root, etc.

We expertise on product development on SoC and SOM platforms with display interfaces, communication interfaces, sensors, peripherals, network protocols and features implementation like, embedded device security, secure communication, differential firmware upgrade.

Our team have command in full embedded software life cycle beginning with requirements analysis and system architectures through code development and integration testing. Also, with custom board bring-up for a variety of architectures including ARM. Our board bring-up services range from setting up and booting the board from eMMC, NAND, SD card, etc. to setting up the bootloader, kernel and optimizing for various devices and peripherals.

Automotive body control

We provide complete end-to-end device security and implement security early in the device design phase and maintain the security of the software after the product is deployed. We ensure device is not running tampered software by verifying its authenticity before execution. Our secure boot/chain of trust service establishes the software authenticity from bootloader to user applications. Our security service helps to determine how to update/deploy software securely and deny unauthorized software installs. We are skilled in modifying and customizing Linux kernel and Linux kernel driver integrations spans IoT solutions, industrial automation, etc.

We can integrate embedded Linux device with the peripherals of custom boards, as well as develop user-space drivers for end-user and GUI-based apps. We also provide recommendation of hardware development/selection to reduce costs and development efforts.

At Accord, we make it a point to listen to our clients’ needs and technical requirements to create a product that is specifically tailored for them.

Embedded Linux Product showcase

Telematics Control Unit (TCU)

Telematics Control Unit functions as a communication unit between vehicle and the User interface through the Cloud. TCU is a main stakeholder of connectivity solution and it will be acting as a data logger and gateway. Major functions of TCU will be Location gathering, vehicle information gathering and transferring to the Cloud. The TCU is developed as Platform and has different components like GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Memory, Accelerometer, RTC, Internal Battery, SIM card etc.

Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)

This project aims at developing RF modems which can be used in an MAV application for video recording and down streaming purposes. The airborne unit is responsible for collecting the compressed video from the on-board camera unit and telemetry data from autopilot of the MAV, record it and then downstream it to the Ground unit at S-band frequencies. It is also responsible for receiving the control commands sent by the ground unit and pass it onto the autopilot of the MAV.

Network Time Server (Clock)

It is a GNSS based Network Time Server from Accord which is also a source of highly stable and accurate time (nano second accuracy) and frequency source. It comes fitted with Accord's GNSS receiver capable of receiving and tracking signals from GPS, SBAS (GAGAN), GLONASS (optional) and Dual frequency IRNSS (optional). This product has multiple GbE ports for time dissemination over the network using NTP protocol and PTP protocol.

NavIC Receiver Monitor

This product is a NavIC (IRNSS) GPS SBAS Receiver. It has features like Data logging, Data Transfer, Displaying receiver parameters, security related features and Remote monitoring of Receiver Status data.

Smart Surface Control Unit (SSCU)

The Smart Surface Control Unit is a line replaceable unit of the Smart Surface System and provides Video Signal, Control Information and Power to the connected Display or Projector. It updates internal media and configuration databases by automatic file transfer from a USB storage device. Play still and motion pictures with support for “Warping” feature. Projector functionalities like power on/off and light output. The connected projector will be commanded via a serial interface. UDP interface that allows to select different scenarios (0-9) in terms of videos or pictures (e.g. Scenario 1: Sunrise-Movie, Scenario 2: Cloud-Movie etc.)

Embedded Android