Desktop Application Development

Expand and thrive in a technology driven world with the help of versatile desktop applications engineered by our best developers. Let Accord be your companion to modernity!

It is a necessity for any successful business to build and maintain their desktop applications, which in turn offers a window into modernity by assisting your clients with great speed and functionality. Accord caters to all your needs with our expert team who will engineer your desktop solutions to be adaptable over time, user friendly and with a sleek design which will enable you to break boundaries and explore the modern world with your full potential.

A desktop application has multiple advantages with its ability to run offline, be user friendly and stable. Additionally it ranks greatly on the performative scale due to its ability to perform without a web connection. Hence, say good bye to internet lags!

A good business must be able to transcend challenges, reach out and dominate the market. We at Accord enables you to take success by the reins by assisting you in platform-specific and cross-platform desktop app development services.

Platforms Supported:

Windows, Ubuntu, RHEL


C#, C++, VC++, MFC libraries, Visual studio, Qt, Python, LabVIEW

With a wide variety cross-platform applications like Windows, Mac and Linux, and JavaScript-based desktop applications available for desktop application development services, Accord affords you with an edge over the current market. It bolsters loyalty and adaptability to every market condition.

Rest assured, your project is in good hands. Accord guarantees a well-planned, user friendly solution to all your desktop application development needs. Our services are client centred and customer oriented to enable maximum satisfaction. The Accord team is meticulous and masterful in their work thereby creating a cost effective desktop application with high investment returns

Few of our Projects Showcase

GNSS Simulator

GNSS simulator is a desktop application for generating real time Radio Frequency Navigation signals for GPS/GLONASS in L1 & L2 bands, NavIC in L5 & S bands, BeiDou B1 & B2 bands, Galileo E1 & E5 bands along with various Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) (L1 band including WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS and GAGAN). Application can also be used to generate dynamic scenarios and simulate various atmospheric conditions to test a GNSS Receiver.

  •   Satellite Views
  •   Simulation Overview & Channel Configuration
  •   Real Time Trajectory view
  •   Antenna Configuration
  •   OSM integration

Radar display system application

It is a GUI application runs on Rugged military laptop with Red Hat Linux. It laptop controls the Radar system operations as well as give the visualization of the current targets identified by the Radar. Visualization include the place the target icon on map with exact location along with speed, direction, friend or foe identification.

Map Utility tool

Map Utility is a tool, where you can stitch, crop, and reduce size of maps. You can adjust color schemes, brightness, and contrast of maps. Using this tool both raster and vector maps can be generated. User can input location of the radar, then tool search the required maps in maps database and then stitch or crop maps based on available maps and make one 120km map to use it on Radar display system.

Auto Flashing Tool

Auto Flashing Tool is to automate firmware flashing process and to reduce the production cycle time by flashing multiple devices. The Auto Flashing Tool supports firmware flashing of telematics control units.

Software structural coverage tool

Smart Tester: Testing tool

Expand and thrive in a technology driven world with the help of versatile desktop applications engineered by our best developers. Let Accord be your companion to modernity!

Enterprise Productivity and Life Cycle Tool

ReMa: Requirement management tool

Requirements Manager (ReMa) is a systematic and powerful tool, which helps the project managers to track requirements and manage them through the entire software life cycle. ReMa has provisions for housing the requirements in separate documents termed as modules and can also present the same module in different visuals for the different necessities facilitating various interpretation of the same information.

Project Planner: Project management tool

SmartWorks Project planner is used for projects management for all customer projects within the organization.

Smart Tracker: Defect tracking tool

SmartWorks Smart Tracker is used for defect tracking for all customer projects which improves in both product and process quality across the whole organization.

Meeting Manager: Meeting management

SmartWorks Meeting Manager is used for meeting management within the organization.