Aerospace Software Engineering Services

Accord offers engineering services for airborne computer software as per avionics standards RTCA DO-178B/C using refined processes and advanced tools. Accord’s range of engineering services include requirements management, high-level design, low-level design, integration, independent verification and validation, certification as well as maintenance to cover the entire development life cycle of avionics Line Replaceable Units (LRU). Accord has extensive experience in the development of DO-178B/C Level A to Level E systems across military and civil aircrafts over a wide variety of platforms and domains.

Accord has contributed to one or more of the following subsystems of aircrafts from major companies like Airbus, Boeing, Mitsubishi, Sikorsky, Gulfstream, Embraer, MDHI and HAL.

Accord Global Technology - V-model
  • Landing Gear Control Systems
  • Steering Control Systems
  • Control Display Units
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Remote Data Concentrators
  • Doors and Slides Control System
  • Slats and Flaps Controls
  • Transponders and AHRS
  • Saturation Warning Systems
  • Integrated Modular Avionics
  • ARINC 615A Data Loaders
  • Mission Computers

With more than 6000-person years of cumulative experience gained through many successfully completed prestigious projects, Accord has proven capability to assist you in any or all phases of development life cycle projects. It can offer services both offshore and on-site based on your needs. Accord helps you to migrate DO-178B systems to DO-178C.

Accord has expertise in employing different lifecycle models to suit the needs of the Customer and the requirements of the program. Accord has ample experience in the following lifecycle models:

  • Waterfall Model and V model
  • Iterative Enhancement model
  • Modified Waterfall model
  • Agile Methodologies – Scrum and Kanban

Accord has always highlighted the value of accurate documentation for certification purposes and irrespective of the lifecycle model selected, Accord ensures that documentation of high standards is generated.

Avionics projects often require ramping up of resources to complete projects on schedule. Accord has a large pool of talented and trained resources, which can be mobilized for projects at short notice. Our engineers have been extensively trained by FAA-DERs in DO-178B/C.

Our customers have often rated us high on key parameters like on time quality delivery within budget. Our commitment to excellence has always delighted our customers due to which most of them have chosen us as their strategic partners rather than mere vendors.

Accord has developed tools to assist software developers and verifiers. Software tools of Accord help manage requirements / projects /changes and in automating the process of unit testing. These tools automate the routine manual process and improves productivity significantly. They help to demonstrate compliance to DO178 objectives and supports data formats of similar tools to facilitate migration. Accord’s tools have been used extensively in projects which have been certified by FAA and CEMILAC. (CEMILAC is an aerospace agency in India for military certification). Accord’s tools help to have best productivity, thereby giving Accord a competitive edge over its competitors.

SmartWorks – ProjectPlanner is a project management tool which facilitates planning, monitoring and controlling projects. It can be effectively used for resource management, risk management, PERT Analysis and Network Diagram Analysis.

SmartWorks – Tracker helps in managing the only constant “Change” effectively. It can track entities like defects in products/software, complaints related to services, non-conformance to quality process, change requests……

ReMa (Requirement Manager) – helps in capturing and managing requirements. It ensures traceability between requirements, design and test components.

SmartTester – is a unit test tool for ‘C’ language. It helps automating low level requirements based testing and performs coverage analysis for different software levels as defined by DO178.

Aerospace Hardware Engineering