IV & V

IV & V

Accord has an extensive experience of over 1,200 person years in IV&V services. Accord offers all types of IV & V services for Software Certification. The services include Hardware-Software Integration testing, Unit testing, Software-Software Integration and System Testing.

IV & V services offered are based on guidance from DO-178C. We have provided IV & V services to various Indian Defense Agencies and Overseas Customers over the past 2+ decades. Accord has also provided services to ISRO, and other Indian Government R&D agencies. Accord has dedicated IV & V teams focused on delivering the highest quality output.

Accord is experienced in various development and Verification Models. The model that is best suited to each Customer's Requirements is selected. Accord has always highlighted the value of High Quality Documentation for Certification purposes and irrespective of the lifecycle model selected, Accord ensures that documentation of high standards is generated.



  • V-Model

    V-Model is one of the many Software Verification Models that Accord is experienced in. Testing of the product is planned in parallel with a corresponding phase of development in this model. Constant collaboration with the development team ensures smooth completion of V&V activities.

  • Incremental model/ Iterative Enhancement Model

    The incremental build model is a method of Software Development and Verification where the end product is designed, implemented and tested incrementally until a fully compliant, stable product evolves. Within each increment, a certain goal is set and the Product is developed and verified. Each Increment includes regression testing to ensure lack of side-effects.

    Accord has participated in several projects employing the Incremental Model of Development.

  • Agile: Scrum and Kanban

    The Agile Model is one of the newer approaches taken up in a multitude of project varieties across the globe. Accord Engineers are highly skilled in employing this approach and meeting Project Requirements. Even when working as an external unit, Accord fits right-in into a Customer's Organization and blends in seamlessly.


Tools and Skills

Accord Engineers are skilled in Verification and Validation Services. Accord undertakes Independent Review, independent HW-SW Integration Testing, Low-Level Unit Testing, Software-Software Integration testing, Assembly Testing as per CEMILAC requirements and DO178B/C guidelines.

Accord teams are adept in the use of modern testing tools and can execute V&V projects with very little overhead. Satisfaction of the Independence criteria for V&V is one of the many value adds that Accord can bring into a Customer's Project Environment.

Accord is AS9100 Rev D certified for Development and Independent V&V of Electronic Systems.

Accord also offers Test Automation Services to save Effort and Cost. The use of Accord's In House Tools in the V&V Lifecycle wonderfully compliments our Skills in getting the Job Done.



Accord has a vast experience in providing IV&V services. Accord has innumerable success stories with various Customers across North America, Europe, Australia and India.

Accord has participated in V&V programs involving all Design Assurance Levels - A through E. Accord engineers are highly skilled and specially cut out for complex V&V tasks

  • Structural Coverage Analysis
  • Modified Code/Decision Coverage
  • Compiler Validation
  • 100% Requirements Coverage
  • Control and Data Coupling Analyses
  • Worst Case Execution Time Analysis
  • Stack Depth Analysis
  • Memory Margin Analysis
  • Source Code Analysis and Validation

Save on efforts with Accord's quick Test Environment Setup skills. Accord is proficient in both Software-in-Loop and Hardware-in-Loop tests so as to completely achieve the objectives of V&V.

Accord has devised smart ways of automated Assembly Code Testing by writing test drivers and verification modules. Accord Engineers have ample experience on different target platforms like ARM, PowerPC, Blackfin, Sharc, DSPICs and many more.

Accord has experience in handling V&V of Multiple Cores, Multiple Partitions, Option Selectable and Deactivated Code.

Accord also has proven expertise in the Certification of COTS Components (Hardware and Software)