GNSS Simulation Tool

Accord also developed specialized simulation tools for GNSS Signals that can be used during development and as a go/no-go tester during production.

GNSS Simulator

GNSS Simulator (SIMAC6)


  • Dual-frequency IRNSS simulator
  • HILS/Hardware update rate support upto 10 ms
  • Supports profiling of receiver performance using receiver NMEA output
  • Supports RINEX, NMEA output messages
  • Selection of single/multiple channels of GNSS constellations
  • Flexibility for configuring all/some of the channels for SVIDs of any constellation
  • High dynamics simulation
  • Supports DGNSS corrections
  • Capable of multipath simulation
  • Navigation data modeling
  • Supports waypoint navigation
  • Supports all types of vehicle simulation via motion commands or user motion/NMEA files
  • Comprehensive datalogging
  • Supports error modeling for RAIM tests
    • Fixed Doppler offset
    • Step error
    • Ramp error
  • Multiple options for signal impairments
    • Ionosphere
    • Troposphere
    • Clock noise
  • Spreading code configuration
    • User defined
    • File loading